Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 Months and Sick with Mamitis

She's turned 7 months last Monday. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was still caressing my big tummy imagining what she'd look like, wondering how her voice would sound. And yet, it feels like she has been with us forever.
say what???? 7 months already? I'm that old?
Yesterday, while I prepared chicken macaroni for her papi's packed lunch the following day, she was in her jumperoo playing while she watches me move around the kitchen. I talked to her and sang to her. She'd look at me, throw a satisfied smile and then go back tinkering with her toys. She'd babble from time to time like telling me something. I'd respond as if I understood what she was telling me. She loves to communicate. She loves attention. She loves that I look at her and talk to her. And I like that. Very much. I can't wait till she uses real words and tell me what she thinks about anything and everything. I'm excited to hear her nonstop whys. Though I am already enjoying her little ways of communication and it's really cute. She demonstrates clearly what she wants and where she wants to go. Sometimes it is amazing how she does it. Babies ARE amazing. I am now secretly wishing that I've studied child psychology or any profession that has something to do with babies instead of computer science. Wait, did I just say that out loud?

She has developed a great fondness with my mother-in-law now. Everytime we go to have lunch with my in-laws, she'd immediately throw her hands to her abuela so she can take her in her arms. They have these hanging lamps at home and Little Spanish Pinay loves to look at them and touch them. Her abuela raised her up once so she can look closer and kind of touch the lamp. Ever since then, she has learned that her abuela is the person that would raise her up to the hanging lamps. One time we were in their living room seated in the sofa. Her abuela came and talked to me. Suddenly, LSP made uhm uhm sounds, raised her hands towards her abuela, looked at the hanging lamp, looked back to her abuela, then the hanging lamp again - she repeated that over and over again. Her message couldn't be any clearer. Poor abuela, LSP is already too heavy for her.
With her abuela who'd give her anything she wants... look at that gigantic chunk of bread.. almost bigger than her head!
She moves a lot when she sleeps. She rolls over, she raises her head, she raises her hand then slams it down her side or her tummy or the bed, she raises her legs and slams them down, she wriggles out of the comforter, she crawls - ye, ya hear that right...she crawls. In her sleep. She's hyper even in her sleep.

Horizonal in the bed... so small yet she occupies the majority of the space in our bed!
First thing she'd normally do upon waking up: Roll over and smile when she sees me.
Magandang Umaga, Tala! (that's mami's daily morning greeting for Little Spanish Pinay)
While she loves to eat, she is not very fond of baby food (cereals and those that come in small jars, like gerber products - those are called potitos here in Spain). She would eat them but just a few. She prefers what we eat. Everytime she sees us eating something, she'd ask for it with her uhm uhm sounds and mouth gestures and clasped raised hands. She loves bread. She loves biscuits. She loves fruits that she can eat with her anti-choke feeder. She loves carrots and potatoes. She loves olives! Oh my Lord, I am not even sure if that is alright. I do not give her whole olive for her to eat alone, ok? I know that it's a choking hazard ;-) So, no reason to sue me and remove my child custody, puhleeze. In general I think she loves finger foods. She likes it if she can feed herself. She has also tried her first chicken meat - guess what, she loves it! I have to make some more time making baby recipes. Any one has good recipes? Share please!

She looooves playing hide and seek. She'd squeal and wiggle and bite as she gets too excited. She also loves that someone runs after her. She is very playful. She likes to scoot around the house, she loves to be carried and thrown up high in the air. She loves opening and closing the door, the cupboard, the drawers, the oven, anything that she can pull open and slam shut close! She's a human energizer - keeps going, and going, and going... I can't keep up with her! At the end of the day I am just super exhausted. Limp limbs are what I have before hitting the bed.
playtime with papi
She loves to play with the phone, with the remote control, with the laptop... she goes crazy... insanely crazy when she see those things.  And she loves to drop her toys... she'd wait till someone picks them up an then ZAS! throw them again on the floor.  Couldn't she be any naughtier?

It's getting more and more difficult to have a good photo session with LSP too. One second she'd do a funny gesture but another split of second, she has bowed her down down ot twisted her head away from the camera, etc. Too fast for my poor phone camera to capture. Even with a good camera, I couldn't get a good angle as she goes on her own or would want to crawl away from the camera. I need help from hubby to distract her and make her sit still. I feel like I already have a toddler LOL

She'd twist and turn her head away from camera

She'd sway her arms joyously and bang her head and bounce her body... result? blurred foto

But sometimes, I can get lucky and capture a contagiously happy face like this.
She's even more social now. She'd smile, she'd want to touch stranger's face, she'd seem to want to be taken by raising her hands towards the person but when taken, she'd look for me and after a minute, she'd cry. She is definitley sick-stricken with mamitis - that is an invented word here in Spain that describes the behavior of a baby that is "too attached" to moms. Considered like a sickness in a funny way.

But I am enjoying her mamitis... I love the way her eyes search for me. I love the way she yearns for my arms, my warmth, my being.  I love the way her eyes glow every time she sees me back after a few minutes of being away.  I love the way she cups my face with her two hands and stare at my face for a few seconds with her big expressive eyes and sweet smile. I love the way she calls for my attention.  I love the way I am an exception for her from everybody else. If that is really some sort of sickness, then I hope she won't get cured :-)
One of her mamitis attack
Happy 7 months my mamitis-stricken Little Spanish Pinay!!!

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