Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pequeño Pero Maton (Small but terrible)

The products to be reviewed came in to my doorstep this morning. Hubby and I were both excited to try it out so I took one bottle and prepared for our drinks for dinner. It tastes like the old times Sunny orange...brought me back childhood memories :-)

Verdict? Definitely worth the try. I'm sure kids will love it. The good part is that it can be prepared according to one's own taste - lesser or stronger taste or just what is recommended by the manufacturers. We still have to try the other flavors. Fun!

Pequeño Pero Maton was written on the inside box of each pack which I find funny but fitting to the product

Then I still have 8 packs to be distributed to friends and families...and have them interviewed about their opinion and comments. Time to work.


  1. We already tried them all and my favorite is lemon! : )


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