Friday, November 19, 2010

Spoke Too Soon

Little Spanish Pinay with sniffles
Little Spanish Pinay continues with her colds as of this writing :-( Though she didn't have fever anymore after last Friday, she continue to have sniffles. We decided to go to her pedia yesterday just to check that it's just simple colds and sure enough, it is just that. She was given cough syrup to take and saline solution to help her expel the nasal congestion. She was such a sport taking her medicine! So proud of her! Although last Monday she already seemed like she was almost back to normal, her runny nose made a come back. Good thing it wasn't too bad as she is still able to sleep at night.

The other night though, she had her nose too clogged and we do not have a nasal aspirator so in desperation, I sucked it directly... with my mouth. I know. Yuck. But I'd do anything to help my Little Spanish Pinay get relieved from any type of suffering. Anything. And everything. Even if it's just temporary or just a little relief, it's worth it. And I'd do it again as necessary. I guess that comes with being a mom.

What's bad is that she passed down the virus to her papi. Hubby is now under house arrest due to his flu. Our family doctor wanted to give her sick leave for a week so he can completely rest but since hubby's very responsible at work, he just asked to work from home instead. They don't have much people now within their team so if he'd be on sick leave, it'll cripple the whole team.

So, now I am taking care of two patients at home. I hope my immune system would stay loyal to me as it'll be more difficult if the three of us would become sick at the same time. 

Boo to cold weather and too much rain!


  1. When your first son come to your life. Some kind of things change, and you began to do things than never ever before you think you'll be able to do.

    You said it "Anything. And everything" for your little princes. Thats what it means be a mother (and a father)

    I hope Little Spanish Pinay be ok now!

    (sorry, but I just realised that my English ned a hand of paint, jajaja)

  2. Thank you, Papalobo! It really amazing how having a baby can change one's life... and it's mostly in a positive way :)

    Little Spanish is doing better now although she's still having a little sniffles.

    And your english is just perfect. You don't know how pleased I am to read your comment... not many Spanish bloggers (that I also follow) drop by my blog since I write in English (I haven't perfected my Spanish yet to dare write a blog in Spanish) :-D


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