Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Really Special Christmas to Look Forward To and a Christmas Tree Nowhere to be Placed

Did you get the memo? I didn't! I am shocked with the realization that it's only 5 weeks before C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S! How could time fly sooo fast? Really, hours and days and weeks and months are passing by me like a bullet train. I'm hardly able to keep up. It'll be Little Spanish Pinay's first Christmas and I really want it to be something special but I don't know what to plan or where to take time. Heck, I don't even have time to cook an elaborate dinner these days. Panic is what I feel, I tell you.

But then, really, what is it to prepare? Christmas will come and will be special no matter what. Just by celebrating Christmas with the newest addition to the family is already making everything extremely special. We've already got the brightest star to top off the Christmas tree - could there be any more special than that?

Could anything else make our Christmas day and every day more special than those to-die-for smile? 

So let me repeat these words to myself to help me calm down. I think more than panic, I am feeling really, really excited and palpitated (I know palpitated is used incorrectly but I want it to rhyme excited, ok? So just let it pass you grammar freaks).  She'll go crazy seeing all the Christmas decors and lights everywhere.  And the gifts! Not like she'd already understand the concept of gifts but for sure she'll enjoy looking and touching and playing with new things :)

Erhm, speaking of Christmas tree, I do not have a place in our living room to put it!! The place where we put it last year is now being occupied by Little Spanish Pinay's playpen.  And I just couldn't find any other place in the living room to put it. Really, with Little Spanish Pinay, our living room looks even smaller... she got all her things all around the room!

Would it be totally weird if I put it in the kitchen? Hmmmmm

 p.s. I used the word really 8 times!

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