Monday, November 29, 2010


I love babywearing. The baby sling was one of those things we bought for baby when we were still pregnant. One of those things we bought without much contemplation. One of thos things we bought because it was 50% off ::I know, not a smart move::

I am just glad that in the end it was one of the smartest buy we've made. I didn't realize there's a whole lot of choices of baby carriers out there and we didn't took some time to check out the different types of baby carriers to know what would work best for us. But heaven just kind of brought us to the right one. Although at the beginning, we thought it was just a waste of money. Little Spanish Pinay wasn't comfortable and It seemed to be too complicated for me to manage. Then again, babywearing is a learned skill. Certain time and practice is needed before one can really enjoy the benefit of it. Frustrated about the fact that I couldn't use well the baby carrier we have, I checked on the internet about baby carriers and some video to see how it is actually used. The video instructions helped a lot. I practiced and put my heart to it coz the idea really fits my needs and LSP's own needs. She is a high-demand baby and needs to be constantly carried. Soon enough, I got the hang of it and I started wearing LSP practically everywhere. It is almost more convenient than having her in the stroller. I can go up stairs of establishments easily. I can go through crowded places swiftly.  I can easily navigate shops and supermarkets without the bulk of a stroller moving around the aisles.  I can do chores around the house. Most of all, she's always near me, I can smell her, give her kisses anytime I want and she's happy!

She sees what I see, she hears what I hear and she moves like I move.  My rhythm and hers are in tune.
Later on, I found out that there actually more benefits from babywearing. There're even different groups that advocate babywearing - basically same advocates of baby wearing. Dr. Sears, a well-known pediatrician and great advocate of attachement parenting puts babywearing as one of the principles of attachement parenting. Below is a snippet from wikipedia:

Benefits of babywearing include:
  • Infants are more organized. Parental rhythms (walking, heartbeat, etc.) have balancing and soothing effects on infants.
  • Independence is established earlier.[3]
  • Attachment between child and caregiver is more secure.[5]
  • Decreases risk of positional plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome") caused by extended time spent in a car seat and by sleeping on the back. Sleeping on the back is recommended to decrease the risk of SIDS. Cranial distortion resulting from non-vehicular time in car seats has shown to be more severe than in children who develop plagiocephaly from back-lying on a mattress. [6] Concern over plagiocephaly has also led the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend that infants “should spend minimal time in car seats (when not a passenger in a vehicle) or other seating that maintains supine positioning." [7] None of the babywearing positions require infants to lie supine while being carried. Infants can even be worn while they sleep, also decreasing sleeping time spent in a supine position.
Sometimes I get different looks in the street while I carry LSP using the baby carrier.  Some try to be discreet while some would give a smile when I caught them looking.  Some would go beyond looking and would stop me to say a few comments.  One time an old woman stopped me and said that it is very interesting to see how LSP looks so comfortable where she is. Then later on with a preoccupied eyes, she asked me if my back isn't hurting from all the carrying.  I just smiled and said not really.  I don't particularly like attention but I kind of like the looks I get from people while I carry LSP in the street.  It makes me feel confident and proud as a mom.  Like making a big statement that I am one with my daughter.

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