Monday, November 15, 2010

There's Always A First

Little Spanish Pinay had experienced having fever for the first time.  Friday night, she was waking up every now and then having a hard time breathing.  So we were up half the time struggling to find a good position while nursing so that she can breathe better.  Around 7am, I knew she was already having fever. I let her sleep some more but around 9am, she decided she's done trying to get some more sleep.  She's still warm (37.5 ºC) so I decided to give her some paracetamol (Apiretal - the tempra version here in Spain).  After a while, her fever subsided.  Runny nose she got all through out Saturday.  Sneezes here and there that sends her nose firing off tons of fluid. I have her another dose of paracetamol in the afternoon and then at night before going to bed.  She was such a sport taking her medicine.  She didn't like the taste of course but still she didn't give me a hard time.  My poor baby.  My hubby was too worried about her he wanted s to go the hospital but I told him there's nothing to worry about it.  Her fever has already subsided and she's doing good.  Although she was complaining from time to time, she never lost her smile and light-heartedness.  She played with her padrinos and abuelos like she wasn't sick.

After almost 7months of her life, she finally fell victim of fever and colds.  But she's strong... the following night, she was already doing much better.  Although she's still having runny nose, she slept well and didn't get fever the whole night.  The next day, no fever, just runny nose and sneezes from time to time.  Today, almost zero colds, almost back to normal.  Such a winner.  I am so glad the fever and the colds didn't last. 

So last Friday, we have recorded another of her firsts... only that it's not something we were looking forward to.  

Taken Saturday.  Her runny nose obviously couldn't stop her appetite and her smile.

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