Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday Morning - Every Mornings Should Be Like This

Hubby and I had a work-free day last Friday so we took advantage of the spring-like morning. We went to a nearby park and had Little Spanish Pinay try the swing. She totally loves it. At the beginning, she seemed like she doesn't give a tiny rat's a$$ with what's going on. She was busy looking at the other little girl (about a yr old) enjoying her own swing. After a short while, LSP was already screaming and swinging her legs with sheer happiness. I could die of her cuteness. 
Too darn cute.  I can eat her up in one big ñom.
She would be staying in that swing for as long as who-knows-when but we decided to take her as there was another cute baby waiting for her turn.  LSP should learn the value of sharing as early as now.  We tried another type of swing in the park. It's like a modern version of the hanging-tire-swing with net in the middle so one or two kids can share the swing. It was fun coz mami was able to swing with Little Spanish Pinay.

After a good 1++ hour of swinging, taking videos and pictures, we went off and had a walk just before we went to have lunch with my inlaws. LSP got really tired from all the screaming and laughing and kicking. She fell asleep in the baby carrier. ::I died again of sheer cuteness::
I adore this baby carrier!
It was a really, really nice morning to spend with an uber handsome hubby and a to-die-for happy mini-us.
Made me think and wish for the dear life of me that every child should spend everyday of their first years with their parents having morning walks, playtime and being cuddled to sleep. That's how things should be. That's where babies should rightfully be placed - with their parents, especially with their moms. In a perfect world. Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect world. Parents have to work. Even moms have to work and be away from their babies at least a third part of the day.

Sigh. I would love the chance that I can have all my time 24x7 for LSP. Thinking about just her, looking at her, talking to her, playing with her, laughing with her, singing to her, seeing the world with her. No office work. Just being a mom to her and a wife to hubby. Unfortunately, the consequences of life wouldn't allow me that luxury. It's OK. We still have a lot of time after work to weave memories, share kodak moments, be silly on the floor and just be. Every second spent is precious, magical. The most special time of the day we have for the three of us? At night. When our bodies have surrendered to the day's rush and our souls seek for peace in the warmth of our blanket and each other's embraces.


  1. That was indeed the perfect morning! I loved every part of it, and we were able to do all the things that we had planned, it was lovely and wonderful. I am so much looking forward for more mornings like that. Good thing we still have more vacation days ahead : ) !

  2. lhot, ano yung name nung baby carrier mo? =)

  3. Aren't mornings at the park the greatest?!Love your post ;-)

  4. Mi amor! I'm so looking forward for all those mornings :)

    Jane, that's baba sling. There's another one that I am really, really itching my hands to get on - Ergo baby (mahal lang for someone with frugal as her middle name lol). Check them out :)

    Witchy Crazy Mommy - Thanks! mornings at the park should be immortalized! :-D


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