Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Fell in Love

...with this French store for children's clothes. Luuuuuv their style, their selections and the variety of colors which are beyond what's traditional for children (you know, the pink and blue). Here in Spain, or at least where we live, many parents dress their children with what I call snooty, classical 19-so-old style. My husband describes them as ripipi. Ripipi is shorter so I'd use ripipi. We don't want ripipi.

no, not our style

They're not bad, only that they are so not our style. They're very stiff and too snooty. Children dressed in those style seems to belong high-class families with helpers in uniform. You get the idea. And we are not so that. We are wash-and-wear kind of dressers. And for kids, I like fun, colorful and stylish-cute. I like it to be actual but doesn't look like clothes for adults. No, I don't want a mini-me but a Little Spanish Pinay dressed for her age. With clothes that can be stained or would allow her to roll over the floor or the grass or hop non-stop, etc. Most especially clothes that wouldn't dent our budget and yet has a very good quality.

Just how cute are they!

All those describes my new found love. Orchestra. What's more, with the Club 50% membership, you get 50% off on all of the items in the store. ALL. ALL items. For a whole year. You just need to pay 30 euros membership and you got 50% off on ANY item you buy for whatever amount for a whole year. Not. Bad. At. All. No more waiting for sale season. As true as my middle name is frugal. And when they're on sale and an item is already on sale at 50%? You get 70% instead! Yeah, baby!

I fell in love with this store so deeply, now I am dreaming about opening a franchised store. Shut up. I know it's a big dream on but hey, dreaming is free so, let the girl be with her dream.


  1. They certainly are cute!!

    Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Thank you, Veronica! I'm one of your followers now too :)


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