Friday, November 19, 2010

Ear Piercing = Piercing Cry

Yesterday, we had Little Spanish Pinay's ears pierced. It's probably a little late already as normally baby girls would already have their ears pierced before they leave the hospital. With LSP's case, this service was not offered to us in the hospital where she was born. Also, during our first visit to the pedia, we were told that it would be better to wait till her six months so she'd already have enough anti-tetanus vaccine. Obedient as we are, we nod our head, convinced with the reasoning given to us.

So after almost 7 months now... time to get this over and done. We went to the nearest pharmacy for LSP's first initiation as belonging to female group. The pharmascist used a marking pen to mark the spot where the piercing gun (my made up name) would put the earings. Little Spanish Pinay didn't have a clue what was about to happen. Tsug! Fired the piercing gun and it took LSP 2 seconds before letting out her piercing cry. Poor her. That first piercing went by smooth. But after that, since LSP already know what these are about, she was all protest. She fought hard to stay away from the mean man in white robe. She twisted, cried 10,000 decibels, moved her arm frantically... I wanted to calm her down first but the mean man in white robe didn't seem to be willing to wait so off we go again for the second try. It took the mean man in white robe a good while to finally hit the right spot. LSP was fierce! When the gun shot its final blow, LSP almost lost her breath. I panicked a bit. She suddenly stopped crying. It was too sudden that it seemed like she had lost her breath. And then all she was doing was short hard sobs. She was soooo scared. Then after a few seconds she started crying again but this time in a faint sound. Still with short quick sobs-like. That thing that happens to children when they cried too much. Like gasping for air and moving their heads sideways in a reflex-like movement. I do not have a clue if there's a term for that in Englsh. I almost broke down to tears too. I know, I'm such a softie. She stopped crying when we left the pharmacy. But she wasn't happy. I kissed her, hugged her nonstop, sang to her, danced her - all I got was just one itsy bitsy tiny smile.

She cried like this.... but 10 times worse!
Isn't your heart breaking too at the sight of this poor thing?
When we came home, papi was waiting for us since he was working from home (papi has flu). Upon seeing her papi and hearing papi's joyful voice, she happily smiled and jumped and wriggled in my arms. Papi never fail to make her smile. Mami, is one and only but Papi, is super papi!

Another super is that we've finally got our ears pierced!! I know when she's older she'll thank me for this :)

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