Friday, November 19, 2010

An A+ Customer Service

Our telephone-internet company made my day, that I thought I have to blog about it. How they made my day, I'll tell more about it later. Rarely I'd rave about a company this much as nowadays, good customer service has suddenly become a rare gem. But this one, really deserves a blog entry. We've been pleased with their customer service from the beginning. Phone inquiries were promptly attended with patient, amiable and respectful operators. Troubles (which are seldom) were resolved in the shortest time possible. We've chosen this company as they were the only ones offering fiber optics internet connection in the area. Also at the time of our subscription, when we moved in to our own place, there was a very good promotion saving us a good amount of dough for a year (remember: frugal is the middle name, savings is the game), so we took advantage.

After more than a year, and as our expenses grow like a weed, we thought we should revisit some of the expenses we'd like to cut down. The internet connection was one of the those that hit the list. We thought maybe we can use the normal ADSL connection that would give us a bit of a savings monthly. So we started looking for other internet provider. Just by imagining we'd be saying goodbye to fiber optics and to this provider giving us good service, we already started missing them. Boohoo, right? Then again, thinking and rethinking about it over and over, in the end, we decided to stick with fiber optics. Going back to ADSL is like a step backward. What's more, I work from home and I do need a very good internet connection so we better cross out internet connection as one of the expenses we'd cut back on. The internet then was crossed out from the list we'd be cutting back.

So, going back to why this provider made my day today. Well, I started getting into twitter and I started to follow this provider yesterday - to get recent news and offers. I sent them a tweet to ask a question. They promptly replied. And then right after, they sent a tweet to everybody announcing that they have reached 1000 followers. I immediately tweet back: "@quecheparece no me digas que soy la numero 1000??? :-)" "don't tell me I'm the 1000th??? :-)". I didn't actually expect a reply from them but what do you know, they did and told me "no, la 1001. Pero es un numero mas bonito. Quieres una camiseta?" "No, you're 1001st. But it's a prettier number. You want a shirt?". Isn't that sweet? It's just a shirt but small details like this makes the difference. Of course I said yes and they immediately sent me a privy asking for my address.

I am glad that in the end we stayed with them. Viva la pura fibra!

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