Monday, November 8, 2010

Less is More

I came across a blog that talks about reviewing products at home a long time ago.  I thought it was interesting but never really had the time to know more about it until I came across it again and took time to go the actual site and inspect.  It is a community where the members can have opportunity to review new products and services combining it with diversion, innovation and participation.  The members choose and apply for the products they want to participate with.  One project took my attention and thought I should give it a shot.  They are accepting just a certain number of applicants. The member has to fill up a form and submit an essay to convince the organizers why the member is fit to do the product review.  I didn't expect I would be chosen but I was.

So the product I applied to review is called Menos es Más (less is more).  It is a concentrated refreshing drink that is mixed with water to make up to 2L.  The advantage of the concept is that it doesn't have to be used all at once.  It can be prepared per glass (much like a powdered drink).  Once the bottle is opened, it can be kept in the fridge for a month.  The prepared drink is low in calories (about 18 kcal/100ml).  Plastic bottle and cap are both 100% recyclable - that, I like. 

That was the main thing that caught my interest to review this product.  It is environment friendly. Win.  With the current economic situation all over the world, consumers are looking more and more on how to save.  With this idea, you see savings everywhere; less space in the fridge, less weight on grocery items, less items for delivery trucks - thus saving CO2 contamination, less plastic bottles to throw and sit in the garbage pit to take hundreds of years to decompose (zero actually at they are 100% recyclable, remember?), and less drinks to buy since they are diluted to make a 2L drinks.

They will be sending me the following:

1 pack or orange flavor, 1 pack lemon flavor and 1 pack leman ice tea flavor - these are for my household to consume.  They will be sending another 3 packs of orange and lemon ice tea flavor and 2 packs of lemon flavor to be distributed to other families and friends for review and testing.  It's a way to introduce the product to more people and see how they think about the product.  They will be sending 20 mailing postals and marketing investigation manual to participate in what they call scientific investigation.  

Seems like I will be up for some work... didn't expect that but I guess it'll be a good experience.  And if this product is actually good and supports the environment, it'll be worth this little effort.  Gotta start thinking about the environment for our children's better future... wink!

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