Friday, November 12, 2010


When we were still pregnant with Little Spanish Pinay, we started planning and checking on the essential things that we need to buy for her at the start of our third trimester. On the top of the list were the crib and the stroller. Didn't we have our heads spin in all directions with all the things that needs to be considered and checked at! My golly, one needs a whole master's degree about strollers to be able to pick the right one. And then browsing through all the other things that a baby needs, I swear, sent me running to the bathroom and embrace the throne. Too many for my brain to understand and assimilate. Some of them are even words I just heard for the first time. A changing table? What? A table that transforms? Into what? Swaddle? Anti-rollover sleep positioner? Huh? Is this greek? You get the gist. Just so many things! Are they all really needed? I have 4 younger siblings and I've never seen my mom bought not even a quarter of what is out there in the market being offered for baby care. Time's a changin' huh. In the end, we only bought what is like really, really the essential and thought we'll just buy these things as we deem needed.  

So we have passed that phase of getting confused on what baby things to buy...what to consider in buying these things, etc. And now entering another similar phase as Little Spanish Pinay is now learning to scoot around the house. Childproofing! Oh, my head is spinning again on the options out there and the areas to childproof, the brands, types...that many, really? We were six in the family and never did my parents childproof our house as far as I can remember but we never had accidents at home that I can remember. Oh, there's one. When a big can of powdered milk fell on my head - right above my right eye. I still have the scar from it. And oh, another one - one that sent my youngest brother to the emergency room because he put a seed of tamarind inside his nose and it was just impossible for us to take it off of his nose. My fault that was! I was eating sweet tamarind while watching him over and let him play with the seeds. Hmmm can a person be childproofed too? Other than those two? I can't remember any other accidents that occurred in our house when we were young. Like fingers getting caught on the door, intoxications, burns, heads hitting the corners of the furnitures, etc.

Don't get me wrong, child safety is VERY VERY important to me and I have nothing against childproofing. In fact we are actually on to it. I just wonder about how parents of before survived without all these. Time's really a changin'  

So anyways, we're back in that phase again. Getting our head spin with all the options out there. Not to mention that our pockets are starting to tremble now.  FIN.

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