Monday, May 2, 2011

Becauses It Was Mother's Day, I Baked.

Yesterday was Mother's day celebration here in Spain.  One week earlier than the Philippines.  I woke up lightheartedly and with an excitement to bake something for this day.  Little Spanish Pinay cooperated by sleeping until 12:30pm (she also slept around that time the night before).  I went to do my first red velvet cupcake, inspired by a friend's post in facebook.  So I set to start the task the moment I woke up.  There was music ringing in my heart and I just don't know why. 

I didn't have a good red coloring so I just settled with the coloring available in a normal supermarket here that comes in 3 colors - red, yellow and blue.  Each color comes in a small tube and the red one is not even enough for the first batch of red velvet cupcake I did.  The cupcakes were not red enough but I guess they still turned out ok.  I didn't have vanilla extract either so I used orange flower essence.  The taste turned out good but  I believe vanilla will taste better.

My fist red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

I didn't have a good piping bag either.  I just bought one very cheap piping bag in the Chinese store ::60cents cheap!:: and so I can't expect antyhing good from this cheap buy - the piping bag bursted open on the sides and I had to put scotch tape on them!  The caps aren't that good either but they can do.  Oh, not to mention that I don't have any piping skills.... yet.  I guess practice makes perfect?

The cream cheese frosting is really easy to do but following the recipe I got yielded too many cream cheese frosting for a dozen of red velvet cupcakes I did so I had to do another batch so I can make use of the remaining frosting ::and yet after the second batch, there are still some more left so I will have to do another batch soon::

But I didn't have the red food coloring anymore so I just decided to do green velvet cupcakes!  I mixed the remaining yellow and blue food coloring and it turned out to be a nice green velvety cupcake.  This time, I used vanilla powder as I was able to find one from one supermarket here.  The recipe called for vanilla extract but I don't know what's wrong with this country but ingredients like this is so hard to find so I just settled with the vanilla powder.  It didn't turn out to be a bad idea.

Green velvet cupcakes in the oven

See those colorful molds?  I bought them from the Chinese store too... cheap ones too but I'm happy with them.  They are actually called muffin molds but they're ok for cupcakes too.  Plus they're colorful and they look nice to look at from the oven.

So here are the beautiful green velvet cupcakes fresh from the oven

And here they are together with the red velvet cupcakes

Don't they look Chrismassy? :)  I also dug a hole in the middle of each cupcake to fill it with the frosting as well.  Just like eating ice cream in a cone, I don't like it when I would have to eat the half bottom of the cone without ice cream anymore.  So applying that concept, I made sure that when I eat these cupcakes, there'll still some frostings up to the bottom :)  I used a descorazonador to dug the whole.  I don't know what it is called in English.  Really, I tried to search it up but I can't find the term.  But it's this small utensil that is used to remove the middle part of an apple without cutting the apple open.  Pretty nice trick I should say.  Learned the trick from a Rosaura's blog.

So there goes another baking adventure for me.  I'm really a bad critic of myself but this one, except the overall look, I must say it's a job well done.  They taste really good.  Velvety!

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