Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camping out in the comfort of the living room

Another one of 'em frivolous baby products that we bought that we thought is essential but it's not at all essential, although we bought it on sale and was like half the normal price, and that, we know we can do without it. Travel crib or maybe travel cot is how it is called in English? I tell you, with all these languages in my head, I am getting so confused with how certain things are called in different languages.  I seriously think my brain is not capable to accomodate more than 2 languages but I just have no choice but to squeeze in a third language and make it as the first language to use where we live now...

Sorry got sidetracked.

So, I was saying we have this travel cot and really, it didn't have much use as we didn't travel nor LSP wanted to sleep in it.  She took a nap there when she was smaller but just from time to time and then it just became her play pen later on...on which she would only stay to play for a good 10minutes or so the most.  Lately, she doesn't want to be limited inside of it as she enjoys moving around the house now... so I thought it's now ready to retire.  Until I thought of something that may be fun for LSP.   I put it down sideways... or better yet just look at the picture below as my now-very-limited-english can't exactly explain it.

she removed her cloth diaper herself and ran around the house trying to escape from me and then finally found refuge inside her tent... she took her toy monkey as a hostage so I won't put her cloth diaper back on her. Look at her mean, mean face

She liked the idea that she can go inside and feel like she has her own camping site and then she can get out anytime she wants.  She'd sit there, read her books, try to stand even if her head touches the net roof  or just hang out there.  It's funny how she'd stay on her foot while inside the "tent" with her bended head.

I must admit though that this makes our living room look like a big mess all the more.  But hey, we have a very active toddler and a messed up living room is actually a new modern style in home decorations! Nuff said.


  1. Ang cute! LOL! That is so funny, my girl used to do the same thing with her play pen when she was younger,itatagilid nya then she'll pretend its a house, later on she started hanging on the siderails like Tarzan, that was our cue to put it in storage ;-)

  2. Cute little girl! My baby does this too when she was your baby's age. =)

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  4. My kids love to use sheets, cloths pegs and pillow and they have a blast camping in the livingroom. It's sooooo much fun. I love to get in with them.

  5. How adorable ! I know how it is to have a messy living room .. My kids are 12 and 10 ( My 17 year old is pretty good ) and my living room always seems to be a mess.. BUT not as much as my three sloppy children who do not know how to clean up their mess that they make in the kitchen all the time.. Grrrrrrrrr

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Hahaha...this is amazing. Way to go on the creativity. She's so cute.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Espanol para Ninos

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    Following back now :)

  8. Cute. Sometimes I wish I could escape like that, but they would all find me.

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