Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take A Photo Tuesday Blog Hop: Pets

Here's my entry for this blog hop.  The picture was taken when my Little Spanish Pinay was 6 months.. .and she's 13 months now! How time flies.

The cat is my hubby's family pet.  He could be way around 12 years! He's the sweetest cat.  He loves cuddles, carresses, attention and songs!  Here's another picture of him enjoying the attention we are giving to him and to demonstrate how happy and contented he is, he doesn't stop rolling over the floor back and forth.



  1. Very cute cat you have there!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Totally adorable. I'm such a cat person. I love all cats. Your's looks just as cuddly and friendly as you described. Thank you so much for linking up with Take A Photo Tuesday

  3. nice pic! i'm doin this 1 photo a week also.. thanks to your blog for giving me this ideas. looking forward to nice pics in the future...


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