Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hooray To Google Buzz

Everybody already knows what happened to Blogger last Wednesday afternoon and how it affected a lot of bloggers.  Due to the outage, I lost 2 most recent blog posts and of course the most appreciated comments that goes with them.  According to Blogger, they are trying to recover all removed posts and comments and should be all recovered by weekend.  I couldn't wait till they are able to recover all of them so I thought I'd rewrite the posts.  I already started rewriting but then I felt kind of lazy coz I can't remember exactly what I've written.  So I was kind of stumped.  Then hubby gave me the wonderful idea about Google Buzz.  He reminded me that I have this setting on Blogger to automatically publish all my posts on Google Buzz and he said my lost posts might still be cached in Google Buzz.  He was right on the money!

So then all I had to do is create new posts and copy and paste the content from Google Buzz to Blogger.  The only shame is that I can't recover the comments of course... but that's ok.  And if Blogger would be true to their word, and have my removed posts recovered, I guess I can just delete the duplicate posts.

So, hooray to Google Buzz! :) 

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  1. some of my posts were deleted too. so i had to rewrite them. some of my followers are also missing. :( thank you for posting this. i didn't know i can publish my blogger posts to google buzz. :D


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