Sunday, May 8, 2011

Craving For Street Food

Last night I was craving for popular street foods in the in Philippines - kwek kwek, kikiam, squid balls, isaw, etc.  All I could do to satisfy this cravings is to make some kwek kwek... the rest is kind of impossible to find where we live.  

Ready to be chowed!

There's  no orange food coloring here or atsuete so the batter turned out a little bit yellowish but once kwek kwek was fried, they already resemble the kwek kweks being sold in the streets of my beloved Philippines.  I also fried some meatballs in case kwek kwek wouldn't tickle hubby's fancy.  But I was almost sure he'd like them... hubby loves Philippine food including bagoong! 

These kwek kweks are quail eggs or huevos de codorniz as how they are called here in Spain.  Covered in batter and then deep fried.   So landed in our dinner plate last night and I was happy hubby loved them.

A close up of the kwek kweks - they turned out to be good!

Here they are in our dinner table waiting to be chowed... complete with sauce ::sawsawan::


  1. OMG what a wonderful entry! Those look delicious!!!I love your entries so much, I"m very glad I found this blog <3

  2. The food really looks good! New follower from the blog hop thru GFC and Twitter. I did not see a Facebook so I could not follow that. If you need me to come back to follow FB, just let me know. I would appreciate a follow back on GFC and Twitter also. Thanks for the help and have a wonderful week!



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