Sunday, May 8, 2011

On My Bosom

This is us Friday afternoon.  We were supposed to go out for a walk but while I was nursing her, she fell asleep (she got really tired walking and playing around the house) so no more afternoon.  I could have put her down to bed but I kind of felt really good the way she was embracing me and seemed to not want to let go of me.

Every night, every time I'd put her to sleep she's normally fall asleep this way while I nurse her in our bed. Yes, we co-sleep.  And I'd just roll over a bit to let her be in the bed once she's already completely fallen asleep.  She loves to nurse on top of me and sometimes even if I try to put her on the bed, she'd move her butt and crawl her way on top of me.  It's cute.  But I must admit there are times when she doesn't want to let go of me even if she's already asleep and would wake up the moment I try to put her on the bed and then she'd cry and crawl back on top of me, it's exhausting.  Mamitis, I tell you.  Then again, most of the times, I do enjoy this feeling of being the only one she wants and needs and that she'd want to be with me ALL the time.  Just me.  Her mami. The only one.  Mothers are so full of themselves when it comes to their children, right?  

I must take advantage of this while it last as this will not gonna be forever.  There will come a time that I will be pleading her to just stay beside me, embracing me instead of going out and spending time with her friends or just to be with herself doing her own thing.  

So that afternoon, more than an hour sleeping on top of me in the sofa.  House all cluttered,  laundry waiting to be put in the washing machine, etc - but nothing was visible to me except for this precious Little Spanish Pinay snoring and drooling while she sleeps on my bosom.


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  2. So precious! I do the same thing with my daughter as much as possible because I know it wont' last forever :)

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  3. this is one of the moments, i will never forget too.. now that my little boy is no longer nursing, he still loves to sleep on that same position too! :D

    thanks for such a meaningful comment on my post :)


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